Pimped Out Sissy

Sarah Jain and Kymberly Jane are smoking hot. Together they would be the ultimate girl-girl tag team threesome. But you can’t even get it up. The sight of their tight hot bodies would be enough for any straight man to lose it but you on the other hand just can’t seem to get aroused without the thought of cock. And once the girls figure that out, they tease and torment you. Humiliating you by verbally tearing you to pieces. What could have been hot straight sex turns into a night of sissy gay training. Mocking how you like to take it in the man cunt and simulating how to suck cock with a water bottle. They teach you so well, Sarah pulls out her camera and records your progress. "This is OUR bitch but if you’d like to buy him, contact us for a night you’ll never forget…" Humiliated and now pimped. Welcome to your life.

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